This is one of the things we do best

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This is one of the things we do best

December 4, 2017 About US 1

Own Your Data

For social media giants, you are the product. With RANK your data is your own. If you decide to share or agree to see ads, a) you get paid for it, b) no-one sells your data, ever.

Own Your Content

Whatever original content you create on the platform, it belongs to you. RANK is a safe space for creatives to share and even sell their work to friends, groups and other users.

Get Paid

Whenever you create and contribute to your group or the platform, you get rewarded with RANK tokens. You can use those to vote, buy products or tip other users on the platform.

Redefine Social

With active interests groups, events on- and offline, and initiatives, from crowdfunding to festivals, you can re-connect, get inspired and reshape your social life the way you always wanted it to be.

Enjoy Quality

RANK token reward system together with content analysis algorithm and super-moderators will promote original, fresh content that adds value. Click bait, fake news and plagiarism will be filtered against.

Have a Say

RANK phase II will be a distributed democracy run by users with a RANK-based voting system. We work to solve the ‘whales problem’ experienced by other networks so that RANK is democratic and transparent.



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  1. Content Reward System
    With a decentralized system, you can effectively transform the old market structure, where the content distribution platform takes up an enormous amount of commissions. Through Follow Extension, content providers can generate more revenue and consumers can enjoy content at a lower cost. Such improvement in transaction between content providers and consumers will promote higher quality content production and stimulate further growth in the content market.


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