RANK Token Details

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RANK Token Details

December 3, 2017 About US 0

RANK Token Details

  • Maximum cap on crowdsale: 67,000,000 tokens
  • Total token supply: 100 000 000
  • Any unsold token from each lot will automatically rollover to next lot. Unsold tokens after Lot 5 are automatically priced at $0.98 on March 15, 2018
  • Standard: Ethereum ERC20 token
  • Purchase methods accepted: ETH


Follow Extension will be open source rather than a project organized by a corporation or a centralized group. Successful projects, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, were community based open source projects which led to surprisingly successful results. As the core value of blockchain is decentralization, such values can be realized when the project is opened to everyone. The RANK project, therefore, provides a virtuous cycle where community members contribute to the development of the project while receiving a reasonable amount of compensation.

Democratic Decentralization

Projects are conducted by rational decision-making by a large number of communities, rather than by individual persons or groups.
Ensure growth drivers by providing enough motivation for communities to contribute to project development.


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