Implementation of investment tokens within ICO

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Implementation of investment tokens within ICO

December 1, 2017 About US 1

RANK ICO will be launched on the Ethereum platform. For investors, a limited number of RANK investment tokens will be released (the release of tokens is limited by the ICO closing time) with a fixed minimum cost of 0.01 ETH per 20 RANK . These tokens are intended for investors who have purchased tokens in the Pre-ICO and ICO phase, and these investors will be paid dividends in the future in ETH every 6 months starting from May 1, 2019, in proportion to the percentage of the total weight. For example, an investor has RANK tokens amounting to 1% of the total weight. Therefore, when calculating dividends, the investor receives 1% of the amount allocated for the payment of dividends. The amount for dividend payment will be determined as the income of the project for the past 6 months minus all expenses of the project. All figures and statistics on project expenses and revenues will be available in the investor personal account (this function will be realized until 01.01.2019). Monetization of the project / tokens for investors is carried out by launching the tokens on the exchange, introduction of advertising on the service (dividends to depositors from profit), and strengthening of the cryptocurrency as the number of active users increases and its value increases on the stock exchanges.
Start Pre-ICO: January 29, 2018. End Pre-ICO: February 14, 2018.
ICO:  February 15, 2018.
End date: 15th March 2018
Aim: 3300 ETH
Name of investment token: RANK
Exchange rate for the period of ICO

Pre-ICO (Bonus 20%): 2000 RANK = 1 ETH
ICO: 1600 RANK = 1 ETH
RANK token release mechanism

The release of RANK tokens is limited to the closing date of the ICO. During the ICO, the tokens are credited at the rate of 1 ETH = 1600 RANK . Once the ICO is closed, new RANK tokens cannot be released. The project team gets 5% of all issued tokens, but after 12 months from the closing date of the ICO, which is provided by the smart contract.


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  1. Adaptable Service
    Such improved form of content distribution market through a new decentralization reward system can be applied not only to new emerging services, but also to services already on the market. If applied to social media platforms that have a vast amount of users, this can transform the current system where direct reward toward premium content is not given. RANK is a simple and adaptable extension that can be applied to a wide range of services that we are already familiar with and create a synergy effect.


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